{I started this blog to combat the megatons of negativity I felt has been broadcast too much in our society. I wanted to share a different voice – one filled with hopes for a better, more creative, inventive, equal future. And I want this now more than ever for my grandbabies. This blog contains a wide variety of topics, I’m more of a jane-of-all-trades, instead of a one-trick pony. 😊 I’m happily married, and a mom, grandma, auntie, human who loves life, not because it’s all roses and rainbows, but because it’s full of beautiful people and awesome places.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross}

Obsessed with writing about awesome people, good values, and all things that go fast (Particularly Mustangs – the wild horse, the fast car, and the P-51 war plane). My experiences cover a wide range of industries, educational institutions, and volunteer organizations. I have met Awesome people from Kauai to Italy. From the Northwest Angle to Aruba.

Writer, knowledge-seeker, list-maker, and believer in super-heroes

I am a creator, dreamer, and traveler with a curious mind. My mission is simple: to write stories infused with love, hope, and positivity. I need to see the best of life. Here’s a little bit about me.


I have been a writer as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a huge, active, loud family. I pursued every opportunity to write or read in solitude. In elementary, I repeatedly read Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her “Little House” books always left me wistful for a life filled with positive endings. My favorite memories growing up were of the nights I would get up and sneak out to read or write under the yard-light. The stillness was profound. To be able to make something out of nothing – to create a story out of the thick, dark air, was ethereal. To this day, my bravest, daring ideas pop up at night.


I am a life-long learner. Not only did I enjoy getting my college degree, but I also love community education classes where I can learn fun new skills from local experts. And the on-line world has exploded with possibilities. I’ve enjoyed all kinds of free courses from Coursera, Kahn Academy, and Duolingo. My love for learning is only matched by my desire to travel. I love to gaze out over vastly different landscapes, study historical buildings, and ogle ancient architecture. Libraries, museums, and art galleries are glimpses of heaven. In my spare time, I tackle home-improvement projects. I am by no means an expert, but there is something satisfying about creating a spot that fits beauty, budget, and function. I’m always busy and always learning.


    • Bachelor of Science in Education: Minors (areas of study): Early Childhood Education, Library Media, and Psychology
    • Associate in Arts Degree
    • Completed Community Journalism workshop led by David McDonald, a former bureau chief for Reuters news service and an instructor at Itasca Community College.
    • Completed “How to Change the World” class offered by Wesleyan professor Michael S. Roth through Coursera. Topics included social goods, poverty, climate sustainability, disease, global health, women, education, and social change.
    • Ongoing: learning as much as I can


    • Substitute Elementary Teacher
    • Assistant Preschool/Toddler/Childcare Teacher
    • School Crisis Interventionist
    • Classroom Paraprofessional
    • Book Seller
    • Public Library Assistant
    • Advertising Assistant/Proofreader/Typesetter (for local newspaper)
    • Human Resource Assistant
    • Other: college library aid, factories, waitress, seasonal, temp work, and other odd jobs


When I’m at home, list-making is a habit and hobby for me. I love to write down ‘all the things’. Things to do, things to see, vacation plans, home-improvement plans, financial plans, future plans, names of people I can help… List-making is a never-ending activity. The accomplishment of crossing items off the list or being able to throw away a completed list is empowering. Not only can lists help me accomplish things I want to do, they can also serve as inspiration for new lists I hadn’t considered before.


I truly believe there is an unrealized super-hero inside each of us. Most of us are afraid to step into the role because it would conflict with society’s goal of keeping us disgruntled, down-trodden and depressed. The world teaches us to hate, to be angry and to hold grudges from one generation to the next. If we each gave ourselves permission to be our most creative, inventive, dynamic selves, this world would be fantastically better for it.