Uninvited Guest – Bear 🐻

We had an uninvited visitor for supper the other evening! Bears are common around our part of the neighborhood, but I’ve never seen one actually step upon our porch before.

This is one reason we never leave stinky trash outdoors in a trash barrel, or hang bird feeders this time of year.

He must’ve smelled the cookies I was baking even though the windows were closed. 😊

He was polite enough, as he left when my husband tapped on the window.


17 thoughts on “Uninvited Guest – Bear 🐻

    1. Bears are unpredictable critters, it’s one of the few animals that frighten me. On a good day, they walk away from noisy people, but you never know when they’re having a bad day…

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    1. Yes it was surprising, and a bit frightening to think about how it could have turned out differently, if one of us had been outside, or in it’s path… Thankfully he politely left.

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    1. They are definitely interesting creatures. The way he stood up, reached out a paw and carefully peeked into my hanging flower pots, made it seem as if he didn’t want to cause any trouble, he was just hungry. 🙃 Still I’m so glad we were indoors and he politely left.

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  1. How exciting! We live on the outskirts of a medium sized city and still don’t put stinky trash out til the morning of trash collection day, cause coyotes… and you never know what else.

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    1. I’ll be interested to read your post on bears in your area. I have both a fear of bears, and feel bad for them because their habitat is shrinking and they’re having a harder time finding food.


    1. Unfortunately I did see him again. Yesterday I was riding my motorcycle, when the bear crossed the road about 3 car lengths in front of me. I stopped, hoping he wouldn’t come my way. He side-eyed me but went across the road, and then put his arm up against a tree like he was just going to relax there until I went by.

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