Happy Monday!

Stories to start your week off in the Best Ways Possible! 😊

This story of butterfly heroes: https://www.americanforests.org/article/in-mexico-moving-a-forest-to-save-monarchs/

Mexican scientists are trying to move a forest to save the monarch butterfly.

This Tweet: https://twitter.com/JetpackMarne/status/1578006440500989952

Canceled class yesterday (yom kippur) & told my students they’d get extra credit for sending proof of doing something nice for themselves during class time. Today my inbox is all selfies of kids reading for fun in hammocks, baking, visiting friends, painting, getting coffees 🥲”

This Seasonal Food Guide: https://www.seasonalfoodguide.org/

Use the Seasonal Food Guide to learn when and where your favorite locally grown produce is in peak season and has maximum flavor by selecting a state and the time of year you’re interested in. You can also search by produce item — just choose your state and the type of produce you’re interested in learning more about.

This Happiness Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-happiness-lab-with-dr-laurie-santos/id1474245040

You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life… more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite of what will truly make our lives better. Based on the psychology course she teaches at Yale — the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history — Laurie will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.

This Inspiring Person: https://www.katysullivan.net/about

Katy Sullivan is breaking down barriers everywhere she goes, from the Olympic track to Broadway’s marquees. The Paralympian, who was born without her lower legs, is a four-time U.S. Champion in the 100 meter race and set an American record while competing at the 2012 Games. And now Sullivan has taken her talents to Manhattan’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

And also this conference: https://und.edu/conferences/nd-water-pollution/index.html

The ND Water and Pollution Control Conference is an annual conference organized for educational and scientific advancement of water, wastewater, public works, and stormwater systems.  The purpose of the conference is to promote and encourage the exchanging of ideas and experience among attendees, protection of the public health, and operator education and certification.


7 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. What a great idea for a post! I love the story of the teacher who gave the class time to do something nice for themselves 🙂 Education these days tends to be pressured and formulaic (at least in the UK), so it’s good to hear of someone introducing some flexibility and allowing students to use their initiative. And the Mexican forest project is wonderful too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah, I was happy to read these stories. There’s so many good things happening in the world., and they need to be shared more. With the education story, I thought how wonderful it’d be to have an inbox filled with kindness. And for people to move a forest up the mountain for butterflies is so amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so disconcerting to think that something I’ve seen every summer of my life, is now endangered. I certainly hope the scientists can save the Monarch’s winter sheltering spot. 🦋🦋

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