State Maps – Kentucky

Kentucky sent me a 2020-2021 Official Highway Map and an Official Visitor’s Guide 2020.

As is normal with maps, one side contains the entire state of Kentucky and a Legend. It has an Index to Counties, and an Index to Cities and Towns, as well as a Mileage Chart. There is a list of Kentucky Police Posts, which contains a Post #, Location name, and phone #. (# means number, not hashtag). On this side, there’s also a list of State Resort Parks.

On the flip side, there are about 15 smaller inset City Maps. A list of Kentucky’s National Parks covering tens of thousands of acres, is also found on this side. As well as advertising for, Instagrammable Kentucky, Sound Travels (musical journey), an ad for Safety Assistance for Freeway Emergencies or SAFE Patrol sponsored by StateFarm, and a reminder to Buckle Up.

In the first few pages of the Guide, there is a beautiful photo of Cumberland Falls, and the next page is a photo of a gorgeous fiery pink sunset on Lake Barkley.

Page 14 explains further what the Sound Travels are that were advertised on the map. Sound Travels explains Kentucky’s Deep Music Roots, it claims to be the “Birthplace of Bluegrass”. A stretch of U.S. 23 is the birthplace of so many  country greats – Loretta Lynn, Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Dwight Yoakum and many others – it’s called “Country Music Highway”.

Page 24 invites us to the State Park Plates. Visit nine Kentucky State Parks and savor the featured dishes, such as Burgoo and Transparent Pie.

And then as seems a common practice in these wonderful visitor’s guides, Kentucky divides its state into Regions:

  1. Kentucky Appalachians – p.42 US 23 Country Music Highway Museum, Dueling Barrels, Jesse Stuart Foundation Book Store, Loretta Lynn’s Homeplace, Carter Caves State Resort Park
  2. Daniel Boone Country – p.54 Cumberland Falls, Red River Gorge, Renfro Valley Entertainment Center, Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area
  3. Southern Shorelines – p.66 Lake Cumberland, Green River Lake, Janice Holt & Henry Giles Home, Dale Hollow Lake, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
  4. Caves, Lakes & Corvettes – p. 80 Mammoth Cave National Park, National Corvette Museum, Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, Barren River Lake State Resort Park
  5. Western Waterlands – p. 90 Land Between the Lakes, The National Quilt Museum, Trail of Tears Commemorative Park, Woolridge Monuments, Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park
  6. Bluegrass, Blues & Barbecue – p.106 Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Dawson Springs,  Bill Monroe Museum, John James Audubon State Park, Museum & Nature Center
  7. Bourbon, Horses & History – p. 114 My Old Kentucky Home, Muhammad Ali Center, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest
  8. Bluegrass, Horses, Bourbon & Boone – p.134, Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Four Roses, Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, Fort Boonesborough State Park
  9. Northern Kentucky River – p. 156 Newport Aquarium, Boone County Arboretum, Rosemary Clooney House, Ark Encounter

The Guide concludes with a lengthy Index to find anything on any of the multiple pages of adventures.

We’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Caves, Lakes & Corvettes region of Kentucky. We went to the Mammoth Cave National Park. At the time of our trip, the bats were suffering from a contagious condition. This meant that we had to wipe our feet on a ‘special mat’ going in and out of the Cave, so as not to spread the disease. Caves are absolutely wonderful places to explore, to feel the difference in temperature and pressure and wind, to notice how our sight adjusts to help us see a bit better in the dark, to notice the different smells, it’s all so fascinating.

We also stopped at the Corvette Museum, but it was closed due to the Sinkhole that swallowed 8 of the rare corvettes!

It would be fun to go to Kentucky again and tour more of what the state has to offer.

The Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, KY (Sadly it was closed when we stopped by. A sinkhole partially collapsed part of the Corvette Museum. 8 rare and one-of-a-kind Corvettes fell into the sinkhole.)

A brief history of my state map project: During the Pandemic of 2020, I asked each state in the USA for a map. I wanted to plan a future trip once Covid was over, teach the grandbabies about the big awesome world, and have my own collection of maps. I don’t always have the technological ability to find or follow maps online. Also with my homemade papermaking, any paper products we don’t use will be remade into something fun and useful with the Grandbabies.

If you’re interested in reading more about the story of my State Map project, click on the “State Maps” category in the side bar of this blog. America’s Byways gives the beginning explanation. Or click:


8 thoughts on “State Maps – Kentucky

  1. Rose, thanks for your maps and suggestions. When the kids were little, we picked up the state tourism magazines in NC and SC. From there, we mapped out weekend day trips for the kids or sidebar excursions on family visits. We probably went on thirty or so. Even today, my wife and i will visit nearby towns to knock around in. I applaud your energy and effort. Keith

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    1. Keith, that sounds like a fun project that you and your wife did with your children.
      It’s so fun to have grandchildren. We took a couple of them on a (safe as possible) road trip with us this past summer, to see loved ones. It was such a blast! They were so excited to see so much of the country they hadn’t seen before. 🙂
      And this project, writing about the maps the states have sent, and planning future excursions, is a lot of fun for me. Most folks use their GPS for directions these days, but there’s something about a map that can’t be beat. Paper maps don’t go ‘haywire’ up in the mountains – we’ve had that happen to us with GPS, we went in circles a couple times until we figured out the tech had a glitch.

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      1. Rose, great story on the grandkids. I agree about paper maps and guides. We love those area guides that are cartoonish to highlight certain places. Keith


  2. Now that the land borders between the US and Canada are opening up, we’re currently planning a road trip to visit a few nearby states, including Kentucky. I actually just booked a cave tour ticket at Mammoth Caves National Park a few days ago.

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    1. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful visit! We were at Mammoth Caves in 2016. Will you be blogging about the Mammoth Caves and your road trip? I’d love to read about it if you do.

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        1. If ever you visit Minnesota, let us know, it’d be fun to meet up outdoors and enjoy a soda. We can bring a loaf of gluten free bread and peanut butter for lunch. 😊


          1. That sounds lovely. We were actually close to the Minnesota border back in September when we drove to Pigeon River. We went on one hike where there was a lookout of the Pigeon River Falls and we could see that there was a scenic lookout on the opposite side in Minnesota.

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