Kindness and Photo Editing

On Memorial Day, May 31, 2021, I shared our 2004 trip to Washington, D.C. with images of some of the Memorials in Washington, D.C.

One of my images was of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. I had done a terrible job of trying to edit out a group of young women who were standing very close to the Memorial.

Another blogger offered to ‘have a go’ at trying to edit the photo for me. I sent her a copy of my original, and within a few days’ time, she sent me back a wonderfully edited version.

I’m in awe of what Sarah was able to do!

Sarah says she is not a professional. However, she does a great job showcasing the skills she’s learning, as well as sharing tips from other bloggers.

In example: Gallery: twirling away with a new photo effect

And: Gallery: playing with a selective colour technique

Toonsarah (be sure to read the story behind the name she chooses to use with her blog) posts snapshots and stories on “Travel Wth Me: Travel Snapshots from Toonsarah”.

I do not know Sarah personally. But I really enjoy reading her blog and seeing her photos. She has traveled to many, many amazing places and uses her blog to share her images with us. I’ve learned more about our world from reading posts on her site.

For example, I had presumed North Korea would not be a safe travel destination for anyone. Several years ago, I had attended a Women’s Expo where American journalist, Lisa Ling was a guest speaker. Lisa told us some of the story of her sister’s capture by North Korea. In March 2009, Lisa’s younger sister, Laura Ling, also a journalist, and her colleague Euna Lee were detained by North Korea for illegal entry into the country. They had been attempting to film refugees along the border with China. They were sentenced to 12 years in a labor prison. North Korea released Laura and Euna after a visit from former President Bill Clinton.

I thought that if very popular journalist weren’t safe, how could anyone else be safe?

Sarah said (in pre-pandemic times), it was easier for ordinary people to travel there than journalists. And it’s quite possible I might have problems visiting as an American depending on what permissions are allowed by the United States government and North Korea.

I just want to reiterate this photo repair was a kind offer by Sarah.

There are two things I hope shine through from this:

  1. Look what knowledge and practice can do to improve something. My bad editing versus Sarah’s awesome editing.
  2. The Kindness factor is exponential. A simple kind gesture can bring a smile to someone’s face for days and days.

Since I appreciated Sarah’s kind offer, I’ve been searching for ways to either pay her back, or pay it forward.

Oddly the harder I try to repay this kindness, the more kindness keeps pouring in my direction. I’m trying so hard to not be the stopping place. I want to keep rolling this awesome kindness wheel forward.

Without further blabbing, here’s the photo comparison.

Before: my bad edit of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

After: Sarah’s awesome edit using Photoshop Elements.

(This was my first time using the Image Compare tool in WordPress. I don’t think my photos are exactly the same size, which will account for some distortion. But I’m excited that I found the tool and sort of figured out how to use it.) 😊

2 thoughts on “Kindness and Photo Editing

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about my efforts Rose, and about my blog in general 😊 It’s my fault the photos are a different size and don’t work quite as well as you’d like in the image compare block, as I cropped one side to make my task of covering up the young people a little simpler!

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