Make Good Choices You can be Proud Of

In our current climate it is so easy to justify hateful words and violent actions. Its so easy to fall into the pattern of destroying other people.

Our fear drives us to try to ‘prevent bad things from happening before they happen’. We must show our might and power so people don’t mess with us.

And it might feel good to let that anger, aggression, and fear out.

But does it make you proud?

Good choices feel good in your heart and mind.

Do the choices you are making, to destroy instead of build, feel good and right to you?

Did it accomplish what you wanted it to?

Most often, angry words and actions just perpetuate more angry words and actions. Once started, it never ends until someone is Brave Enough and Smart Enough to Stop and Find a Better Way, or until everyone is dead.

Before you let your anger fly, ask yourself, is this really the best way to change this situation?

Look into your heart and figure out what is really important to you.

If you don’t know what’s important to you, Stop. Take a moment to figure that out. Create some distance from others and from the current problem that’s causing you anxiety, fear, and hate. Get to a quiet place by yourself. And think about what you care about.

Is this hate-filled message going to increase the value of what’s important to you?

Could you find a way to do something constructive that uplifts your values instead of turning yourself into a monster?

If ever you need an example of how to be a decent human, take a look at people who make dreams come true and then go about doing something larger than themselves.

Find a Good and Decent Purpose!

Decide you will master your own behavior and won’t be pulled around by the anger-bait others put out there.

Who are the people you know who are, creative, purpose-driven and joyful? Surround yourself with those people.

Decide that today you will make decisions that will make your future self proud.


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