Go Team!

Dear Grandchildren,

I was thinking of you for a long time this morning and thinking about how much I love you. I wish for you a most brilliant, gorgeous future. I will help you live a good and marvelous life in any way I can. I am on your side and on your team.

This led me to thinking about people in general. I find it difficult to understand the kinds of people who can’t seem to love – themselves, their family, their children, or other humans.

My heart hurts for them to not feel love. It puzzles me how this may have happened. How can we help heal someone who suffers this condition?

I’ve always been fortunate to feel love for others. Love is a good and powerful emotion. It’s a protector and a motivator.

The greatest wave of love washed over me when my baby was born. And when I met my husband, your Poppa. And again and again for each grandchild born. Daily I get to enjoy these Super Powerful feelings because I have all of you in my life.

These waves of love are so impressively strong. I wish I could bless everyone with the gift of feeling loved and feeling love for others.

I think in part, you have to Choose Love. It’s a bit like being Captain of a Team, you have to choose the emotions, thoughts, people, and things you want in your life.

If you don’t choose them, Love and Hope and Happiness will be sidelined. They won’t be able to play and help you win this game called Life.

Don’t leave your best players on the bench. Get them in the game, go, fight, win!

Go Team! (as your Poppa always says).

Love you forever, Grandma Rosie (your coach, your teammate, and your biggest fan.)

Ads on this WordPress Site

This is a PG-Rated site. There should be nothing on here that would keep my grandchildren from reading it (when they’re a little older and have an interest). There may be difficult topics (especially about the inequality and violence in our world, and maybe some repetitive encouragements about overcoming difficulties), but there should be nothing inappropriate.

I saw someone else mention ads on their site. It seemed like a good warning, so I’ll add my own words here. I utilize a free version of WordPress. What that means is I have no control over the ads that appear on my site, as you view it from your end. The way I understand it, if you pay for WordPress, you have control of what ads, if any, are placed in your posts. I currently don’t have wiggle room in my budget to pay for this service. I find this platform valuable and enjoy using it. As long as it’s free, I plan to continue using it. But that ‘freedom’ comes with strings.

You may see ads at the top of my page, in the sidebars, or smack dab in the middle of the posts. I have no idea what kind of ads you are seeing, so hopefully they are all appropriate and useful to you. If not, I don’t currently know what we can do about it. If icky ads appear, we’ll have to figure out how to contact WordPress and deal with it. Although I have to mention I’ve not had good luck with other platforms taking care of inappropriate ads – looking at you Twitter. Apparently, Twitter thinks its ok for some ad companies to inundate its users (as young as 13) with adult products and services. “We see nothing wrong here.

Other things I’m unsure if they apply to me as free user, or if it’s just my site, but occasionally I can publish a post and it … disappears into cyber space … Only to reappear as soon as I publish my next post, making it look as if I published a couple posts at once.

Yesterday, I kept getting error messages on my site. And the posts from some of the sites I follow in my Reader were all ‘scrunched up’ with no spacing at all between words or sentences or paragraphs. Those same sites usually get dozens-to-hundreds of comments and likes but none of the comments and likes appeared in my Reader … Until today. Now everything is fine – no ‘scrunching’ and all the likes and comments are visible. And no error messages.

Technology – connects, confuses, and complicates our lives in a whirlwind of weird ways.

Once upon a time I worked as an ad assistant for our local newspaper. It was a wonderful experience. I had great coworkers. Most business owners who were advertising with us, were an absolute joy to work with. So many fun, fun hard-working people, my goodness, I’m smiling thinking of some of the interactions. You probably know lots of people like this.

But there were a few – who waited until the very last minute to get their ads in, who complained that things weren’t exactly right, even after we tried so hard to make them happy, they’d call to complain and yell. You might know a few people like that.

It’s those kinds, the never-happy, gotta-ruin-it-for-the-rest-of-us, the-Reason-We-Can’t-Have-Nice-Things-Around-Here, that annoy me.

Please accept my apologies for any advertising misbehaviors that may occur here. I currently have no control over that.

San Diego Air and Space Museum

A few years ago, we went to visit our nephew who was a Marine stationed in San Diego, CA. We were fortunate to spend time with this amazing young man.

One of our side excursions included a visit to the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Here are a few photos. The first picture is the entrance of the Museum. Followed by a photo of my personal hero, Bessie Coleman. Included in her image is information on her daring adventure to become a pilot, despite being a woman, Native and African American, and having to travel to France in 1922 to get her license. Below Bessie’s photo is an adorable note written from a young passenger to a female pilot. After the note, there are a few other photos of aircrafts. And of course, I ended with a Marine aircraft because we were visiting a Marine. There’s so much more to see at this museum. I could post photos and information for days and still not capture all the knowledge held there.

How Being a Stubborn Realistic Optimist Has Worked to My Advantage

Foreword: I love it when people tell me about the awesome and astounding parts of their life. I hate reading a person’s obituary and finding out they did supercool things they never told me about. It feels like they cheated us out of joys we could’ve celebrated while they were alive. Some people think it’s bragging if they mention anything significant that they’re involved in. I say it’s only bragging if you hog all the credit and do very little of the work.

Another thing I don’t understand is why people get depressed by seeing other people’s wonderful photos and stories. Good news and beautiful images are inspiring and empowering for me. It’s like when Superman absorbs the sun’s energy to heal and become more powerful. I’m like a sponge absorbing and delighting in all the joy I can find around me. I feel grateful when I discover encouraging stuff.

Currently, my life is filled with a tremendous amount of Awesome.

It wasn’t always so. The first 25 years of my life contained a lot of pessimistic crabapples. ‘you’ll never…’ ‘you can’t…’ ‘you don’t have…’ ‘stop dreaming…’ ‘look at where you’re from, where you are, there’s no way…’ ‘only rich, smart, so-and-such can do that…’

‘You are not ____ enough!’

I believed we could all do better. Or at the very least I thought I could do better.

Here’s what I’ve been able to do so far:

  • Left home (when they said I couldn’t because there’s no place else to go)
  • Graduated high school (when they said I wouldn’t because my parents didn’t)
  • Got good paying jobs (when they said wouldn’t because I was just a poor girl who would marry a drunk, be pregnant and bare foot the rest of my life)
  • Got my driver’s license (when they said I couldn’t because I was just a girl who would live off a man, and not need to learn to drive since my mother didn’t)
  • Graduated college (when they said there’s no way you’ll ever, you don’t have money, brains, …)
  • Got better jobs (when they said you’ll be back here)
  • Created a better life (when they said it’s all the same out there)
  • Raised a child (when they said you can’t do that by yourself)
  • Found true love (when they said there’s no such thing, and no one will want to marry you)
  • Volunteered (when they said why do you waste your time, those people don’t deserve anything)
  • Got my motorcycle license (when they said aren’t you kinda old)
  • Have seen some of this beautiful world (when they said you’ll never be able to do that, there’s nothing to see out there)

And I get to be Grandma Rosie (No one said I couldn’t, but I had to add this amazing bonus)

I could add more things that turned out great, but I’ll stop here for today.

I’m a little older, wearier, and in a lot more pain than I’d like to admit. That doesn’t matter, there’s still lots of things I want to learn, explore, and accomplish. I need to watch grandbabies grow into amazing humans. I want to see lives healed. There’re so many wondrous and amazing things I have yet to do. I’m counting on my Stubborn Realistic Optimism to help get me through.

A Few Travel Memories

Throughout the life of this blog, I rarely write about my travels. Despite travel being an exciting part of my life, the love of my grandchildren and trying to figure out how to make the world better for them consumes my thoughts and writing time. However, reading other bloggers former travels made me look longingly over my old photos. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to travel again soon.

A beautiful Heart- Shaped Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

What’s Making my Life Awesome – Travel Edition (Myrtle Beach, 2017)

  • Being able to coincide work trips with vacation trips. Costs less and makes everything more fun.
  • Adding 2 states to our list of “States Visited”, I think we are up to 35 states, just 15 more to go.
  • Adding 2 states to our “Geocaching Quest”. We are up to 23 out of 51 regions.
  • Staying on the 15th floor of the glass tower on the beach, watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean from our bedroom.
  • Walking the East Coast Shoreline looking for shark teeth. We didn’t find any, but we saw a lot of other interesting shell shapes.
  • Going to Warbird Park near the Myrtle Beach Airport. The park is dedicated to the United States Air Force. There are three planes to look at – an A-10/Warthog/Thunderbolt II, an A-7 Corsair II, and an F-100/Super Saber. The park also has a Wall of Service with the names of everyone who honorably served the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base between 1941 to 1993 when it closed. The Myrtle Beach Air Force Base was home to the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing. While visiting the park, in a distance at the airport, we saw someone training in a small jet. The pilot took multiple passes, circling the area, touching down briefly on the Airport runway and then taking off like a rocket. It was loud and awesome to watch.
  • Seeing the famous Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel lit up at night.
  • Watching the construction of a new building going up next to our hotel. It’s amazing how they use several huge cranes to lift loads of cement, rebar, and walls up 10+ floors during new construction.
  • Driving the entire South Carolina Coast: from Calabash, NC, through Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and Charleston, SC. Ending in Savanah, GA and then heading northwest to Atlanta.
  • We met nice ladies at Huntington Beach State Park, the South Carolina Welcome Center, and Mount Pleasant Visitor Center. They shared some of their state’s history – why the state symbols are the tree and the crescent on indigo blue cloth – and they shared some ideas on what to see and do.
  • Eating at Wahlburger’s. We didn’t see Mark, or Donnie, or Paul Wahlberg, but it was a fun and nice place to eat. Our server, Brandon was super nice. There were gluten-free and vegetarian options. There were several huge plaques hanging from the ceiling, listing the movies and shows the Wahlbergs have acted in. This may be as close as we’ve gotten to fame.
  • More awesome gluten-free food: Gluten-free Hawaiian pizza, with pineapple, mandarin oranges, and Canadian bacon, from Extreme Pizza. And the delicious Market Salad from Chic-Fil-A.
  • Everywhere we went people were awesome. They were nice, informative, polite, and helpful.
  • Traveling: Walking the Beaches and Parks. Driving over bridges. Taking Trams at the Airport. Flying high in the sun, above the thick layer of white, fluffy, cottony clouds. I like moving, I like going. I like traveling.
  • Coming home. It was so nice to come home and sleep in my comfy bed and use my own clean bathroom. Traveling is a heck of a lot of fun, but it’s also a little gross. We carry disinfecting wipes with us, trying to clean everything before we touch it. We try not to touch our face at all when out in public. We wash our hands often. (And this was before Covid).
  • The best, most awesome part of vacation is being with my true love. Just being together, being silly, being romantic, learning new things together, or learning new things about each other. For example, I didn’t know my hunny was interested in looking for shark teeth until we got to the beach. When he mentioned wanting to find them, I wanted so badly to find them for him. We spent no time worrying or juggling or analyzing or strategizing or planning or scrutinizing or solving any problems. I don’t know how life’s problems load up on us and get so heavy but it’s nice to set them aside and just be free.

Warbird Park near the Myrtle Beach Airport, dedicated to the United States Air Force. There are three planes to look at – an A-10/Warthog/Thunderbolt II, an A-7 Corsair II, and an F-100/Super Saber.

Famous Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel.

Lunch with the Wahlburger’s, we didn’t see Mark, or Donnie, or Paul Wahlberg, but it was a fun and nice place to eat. There were gluten-free and vegetarian options. Several huge plaques were hanging from the ceiling, listing the movies and shows the Wahlbergs have acted in.

Adventurers, Explorers, and Scientists

Dear GrandchildrenI love you. I miss you all the time (No matter when I saw you last: yesterday, a week ago, last month, last year). This letter is to future you – when you are teens and young adults. Those years are often so hard and confusing. Hopefully those years will be good ones for you. This is something I wish someone would have cared enough to write to me, when my world was crazy. Maybe this won’t be of any interest to you, but instead of being afraid of offending you, I’d rather take the leap that maybe you’d enjoy this as I would have.

Right now, you are that perfect age – still young enough to learn marvelous and wonderous things.

I want you to stay adventurers, explorers, and scientistsKeep telling me about your great ideas. Chase after heart-pounding discoveriesDive into experiments that make society better. Be passionate about learning and having funLook for inspiration in the ancestors of yours who tried to get life right. Propel beyond their wildest dreams of creativity, education, and innovationThere is a lot you can do in this world to make a difference.

Never stop learning things. Do your best in school, don’t worry about getting perfect grades, just do your best. Take part in any sports or extracurriculars that interest you. Get an education after you graduate high school. Whether it’s Military Training, an Apprenticeship, a Trade School Certification, a Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree, or a Doctorate, it doesn’t matter. Just pursue your education because once you think you know everything, or have no interest in anything, you run the risk of becoming a bored/boring person. Furthering my education was one of the best things I ever did. I love learning!

You’re already aware of many things that don’t seem right with this world. Science says, the world holds far more good things in it than bad. Remember this whenever problems seem to pile up.

You live in a world with bitter, petty, self-absorbed grown-ups. I hope you will be smart enough to not behave like that. There are a few people who enjoy hurting people and making everyone around them miserable. There’s a handful of people who think getting into trouble is funny. Don’t be like that. Ever. Be someone who looks for the good things in life not the worst. Do not actively try to make your life more miserable or create misery for anyone else.

You live in a world with inequality, injustice, and bullies. Do not behave like that. Be as fair and right and true as you possibly can be. Be strong, you have been training and exercising. Sometimes all it takes is one person to do the right thing, then others will do the right thing too. Look at people’s actions and hopes and dreams, before you make friends or dismiss people. If most of what they say and do hurts others, walk away, don’t let their misery make you sick. If most of what they say and do helps others, carefully consider keeping good relationships.

Be someone who changes a law instead of breaks a law. Be someone who stands with dignity, instead of someone who bows their head in shame. Use your brains and your heart and your guts. They will get you through nearly anything. Sometimes life is really painful, so painful you aren’t sure you will survive – whether it’s a lost love, a death of your closest person, broken body parts, whatever. As long as you are alive, you will thrive because you have to.

You live in a world where few people know what Love and Hope and Faith are. People have actually told me they don’t believe in Love. People have said, they have no Hope. People have Faith in nothing. They act as if these things are a weakness. I can tell you grandchildren that I am stronger with Love and Hope and Faith, than I ever was without them. Poppa said himself, anyone who doesn’t believe in love, is missing out on the most amazing thing. Poppa and I are stronger together than either one of us alone. We live in love with each other. We never hurt each other, or lie, cheat, betray, or abuse each other. Take time to learn what Love and Hope and Faith are. Love does not mean letting people hurt you or hurting others. Love means you expect to be respected as an equal and you treat others as teammates and partners. Hope does not mean closing your eyes and pretending everything is all imaginary rainbows. Hope means opening your eyes and looking up, facing difficulties, and forging a better way to live life. Faith does not mean throwing up your hands and doing nothing about all the bad stuff in your life. Faith means believing there is a good plan for your life and you enough brains and skills to do the work you need to do.

You live in a world that doesn’t have a clue about spirituality. Grow yourself spiritually. The Great Spirit already knows you. I talk with God about you often. I’m sure all your other grandparents and great-grandparents have as well. Grow into your sacredness, grow into your power. And remember that you are no better or worse than any other human. You are equal to everyone. Too many people think they are less capable than most, at the same time they think they’re better than some others. We all hold the same value, with different abilities. The more different you are, the more interesting you are. Do not be like everyone else. Use the gifts given to you. You will make mistakes and mess up. Clean up the messes, apologize, and move on. That’s life. The more good things you attempt to do, the more good things will happen.

You live in a world where animals are going extinct daily. Pay attention to this planet and all the life on it. Pay attention and take care of it. Be aware of what you can and can’t do. You can’t chain, cage and kill all the wild animals, you can’t throw garbage all over the planet and into all of the water, you can’t drill holes through the earth, you can’t dig up its entire surface. You can plant and grow and preserve. You can learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, and remake things that don’t hurt life on this planet. You can learn from nature: science – biodegradable, bioluminescence, bio-diversity; math – Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, weather patterns, growth patterns, migrating patterns; communication – between species, between plants, between the earth and the sky… There’s so much to discover.

You live in a world that seems to be filled with doom. It’s not. Be smart enough to see that. Be kind-hearted and light-hearted and have a good time here. You are a visitor, a guest here. You will only live on this planet for about 100 years. Enjoy your time. Discover all it has to offer. Create legacies and mysteries for the next generations to solve. Do not use up all the supplies so the other kids don’t get to learn and create cool things. Do not spend all of your 100 years crying, complaining, and pretending you don’t know what to do or how to take care of yourself.

You are brilliant. You are loved. Look around you and embrace your future. Buckle up because you are in for a wild ride! Share this note with your parents too. Remind them how awesome they are.

You can live an Awesome Life!

Look at where I’m from. https://rosevettleson.wordpress.com/2021/03/10/this-is-where-im-from/

Since then my life has been filled with education and adventure, and most importantly love. It’s been made infinitely fantastic with you all in it.

Love you forever, like you for always, Grandma Rosie

(Reprint Of a Favorite Post with edits)

Yikes, Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoFinMo Begins April 1!

Most likely you are familiar with NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – in November. For 30 days we creatively figure out how to set aside time to write the novel that is clawing its way out of our brain. The story needs to be released or it may drive us mad.

Camp NaNoWriMo occurs every April and July.  During this time, we can set our own creative goal or work on any writing project for the entire month.

If you wrote a novel in November and now need to finish it, there’s a place for you too. Welcome to National Novel Finishing Month, AKA NaNoFinMo – a special track for Camp NaNoWriMo this April!

The NaNoWriMo site helps you along in your chosen path with tips, encouragement, and motivation. There’s a lot of supportive information on this site.

I particularly enjoy the Pep Talks.

Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck in the super-sucky, messy middle of my novel for a couple years, and I cannot see the finish line. I open the file nearly every day, trying to infuse life into it. I’ve written and rewritten the end. I’ve rewritten chapters. I’ve added details and descriptions to characters and settings. And I, I dunno, I’m just so stuck. It all sounds dumb and not good at all.

When the idea first hit me, I was so excited. The entire story unfolded in front of me, and I typed like a maniac to capture as much of it as I could before it escaped me. And then, heavy sigh. I’ve lost some of the vision and the details. I feel like I lack the intelligence and ability to finish this book.

I have 2 problems (at least 2, more likely hundred’s).

  1. I’m a non-fiction reader. I like facts and stats and truths. I struggle with making up a story. But I really like my fiction story idea. It’s something I would read, even though it’s fiction.
  2. My goal is too big. I envisioned the characters in this novel making connections between a wide variety of kind, exciting, courageous people around the globe.

This world is changing at a frightening pace.

One thing that doesn’t seem to change is, we survive better by being kind to each other – no matter our ethnicity, gender, or religion.

This is the story I wanted to capture and share.

I’ll keep working on it. Maybe I’ll be one of those super-late bloomers and finish it sometime in the next 20 years?

Remain Calm

I keep reminding myself, Covid could change all of these plans. However, here is the updated 2021 Airshow/Aviation Calendar for the USA:


Woowee! So excited. The closest I was to an airshow in 2020 was when Sierra Sue II flew over my house. https://rosevettleson.wordpress.com/2020/09/05/exciting/

Here’s a little of Sierra Sue II’s history. https://wotn.org/aircraft/p-51-mustang-sierra-sue-ii/

Our small local airport plans to hold its annual fly-in. It was canceled last year. We don’t have aerobatics. We do have static displays and a car show, two of my favorite things – planes and cars. Sometimes we get to see motorcycles and then my trifecta of engine joy is complete. Fortunately for me, I have my own little old lady Mustang and my own motorcycle. I just need some nicer weather to drive in.

Spring’s almost here!

Remain calm. Don’t get too excited. These Aviation plans could change. But let’s hope not.

Things I’m Excited About Right Now

  • Spring’s Coming! There’s still snow on the ground and more threats of snowflakes loom ahead. But oof I’m excited for Spring! My Love bought me a couple of Blue Hydrangeas. Which led me to researching information on Zone Hardy plants and Natural Habitat Blossoms. I do Not have a green thumb, but I do have a basket full of seeds ready to go. I can hardly contain my excitement to dig in the dirt and see if my Flower Experiments turn out.
  • If you love data, the videos are mesmerizing on this site – Data Is Beautiful – YouTube 
  • In Warbird News, the Yankee Warrior, a B-25D Mitchell bomber was repainted. It is now known as Rosie’s Reply.  Yankee Air Museum’s B-25 Becomes ‘Rosie’s Reply’ (warbirdsnews.com)
  • City Walks for when we still can’t go anywhere for fun, site-seeing reasons.
  • Vaccines keep rolling out. Any minute now I hope to be on a list. So far, I’m not 65 or over, not an essential worker, and only have ‘other conditions’ not listed on the ’get the shot now’ requirements. With grandbaby birthdays in the next few months, I wish we could all celebrate safely, with tons of hugs. We’ll have to see how things work out and plan accordingly.
  • As I’m getting older, I’ve been finding more joy in not worrying about how things turn out. I’ve seen enough scenarios to know things will: be fine, or not be fine, and there’s only so much I or anyone can do. I’ll keep doing my best. And if everyone does their best, things will be finer.
  • Reading “The Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology”. In this text (wait I mean book, a text isn’t what it used to be) I learned that despite Aristotle being a brilliant philosopher, he wasn’t very good at geology. He made silly claims like, ‘the rocks are created under the ‘influence’ of the stars’, and ‘earthquakes occurred when air crowded into the ground, was heated by central fires and escaped explosively’, and my favorite, when confronted by a fossil fish he said, ‘a great many fish live in the earth motionless and are found when excavations are made’. It made me feel better to learn that a highly regarded philosopher can make mistakes. Now I don’t feel so bad about only finding 1 good idea while sifting through my hundreds of terrible ideas.
  • Even though the sun is shining a bit more, the snow is slowly melting, and Spring is on its way; it’s nice to have a completely different change of scenery. Here are a few Old photos of Waimea Canyon, in Kaua’i, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. These photos do not do this beautiful landscape justice, however they invoke tons of happiness in my memory. Nearly a dozen years ago, my husband and I spent an anniversary/work trip on Kaua’i. The scenery was so Unbelievably Gorgeous!! And they had the most wonderful gluten-free bake shop. I ate more baked goods than I ever have. (Happy sigh)
Waimea Canyon Lookout State Park sign in Kaua’i
View of Waimea Canyon, Kaua’i
Panoramic View of Waimea Canyon, Kaua’i. Unfortunately, clouds made the scene darker than it normally is, but it was still wondrous.

And here’s a Kaua’i Island Early Sunrise to start the day. 😊 Even though it was super early, I still found the path to the ocean.

The Eclectic World of Blogs

My blog is a casual pastime. I tend to write with my grandbabies futures in mind.

There’re so many amazing things happening in the world of blogging.

It’s so fun to type in any topic I’m curious about and find many other people interested in the same things I am.

It’s awesome to type in the word ‘Mustang’ and find information about all three of my favorite Mustangs – the car, The P-51, and the Wild Horse.

I can find endless lists on how to save the world, live sustainably, and recycle better.

The educational blogs about math, stats, science, and space are fantastic. As are anything with 3D printers, soldering irons, electronics, and robots.

Of course, anything mentioning grandchildren, grandparenting, or how to be a parent to your adult children while being a grandparent, has my eyeballs fixed to the screen.

Nature is our most vital asset, I love to visit sites that show us how to care for nature, how to plant, grow, and harvest. I especially adore people who can show us the artistic beauty of nature, with phrases, paints, pencils, or photography.

I’m having a great time, flitting from a Duluth birder’s site to a Nepal birder’s site, it’s interesting to compare the birding photos from different parts of the world. 

I love to ‘visit’ and ‘catch up’ with local bloggers, traveling bloggers, and bloggers from distant lands writing in languages I get to decipher, in places I have yet to experience.

It’s inspiring to read sweet happy words, to look at gorgeous artwork, to ponder the merits of certain architectures, and to be in awe of nature’s landscapes.

Homemade recycled paper, homemade cards, homemade paper projects, anything homemade and useful is so cool. And if I can tackle these projects with my grandbabies, extra bonus points.

I’ve enjoyed picking up tips for my planner, schedules, budgets, recipes, relationships, health, and home.

Suggestions on how to be more productive, successful, kind, helpful, industrious, creative, inventive, or innovative are extremely beneficial.

The Makers, bakers, and shakers of the world are infinitely creative and wondrous.

I find a joy in being able to tell people who have an interest in a topic, about a blog they may find of value.

I’m delighted to be able to view so many awesome bloggers who continue to share their life while we’ve been locked in. All the words, art, and lessons are remarkable. I’ve considered starting a blog, just listing all the blogs I treasure.

I smile every time I see all my favorite bloggers new posts.